Being the descendants of world traders, five brothers have decided to build their empire from scratch. In 1978, they established their first auto-electric outlet with the aim of following their grandfather's footsteps; to partner with global brands.

Rising up to the occasion and exceeding expectations, R.M. Kooheji & Sons became a strong household name in the automotive industry stretching their success and diversifying their business to Real Estate, Furniture, Franchising, and F&B.

With 40+ years of success, RMK Group remains true to its essence of establishing notable partnerships and building relationships with stakeholders to achieve the sustainability of its ecosystem.
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The late Mr. Mohmood Al Kooheji conceived the first leg of RMK shortly after the end of World War I. Initially the company focused almost entirely on developing favorable trade relations between India and Bahrain. The oil boom in the Gulf during the 1930’s was instrumental in improving the economy of the Middle East, which also contributed to the immense growth of Kooheji’s business. The group continued to push forward and have since developed the company into a respectable sized holding.



Independent and Agile to forgo through the evolution of time.



To set forth layers of a solid foundation that would hold the organization on its derailed path.  





F & B





One of the primary goals of RMK Group as an organization is to provide optimal sustainable value for our clients and investors. The combined factors of experience and innovation among our senior leadership have enabled us to achieve outstanding results in a disciplined manner.

Our services are designed to integrate the best of technical expertise and viable business models founded on the principles of trust and transparency. We ensure that all our services are backed with deep industry standards knowledge and credible professional advice. We are never shy to implement new operational methods and optimization processes that will assist us in delivering world-class results and achieving the group's objectives.

We have a client-centric approach to all our projects, which puts our client’s requirements before everything else, and we strive towards a single goal of ensuring those requirements are met. We work with our clients and actively involve them in the decision making processes, which gives us a better understanding of their view point, thus ensuring that the end product is in tandem with their vision.

To be ESTABLISHED in the infinite game of business, we have to DIVERSIFY our resources and find RELIABLE PARTNERS to achieve sustainability.



RMK Group has partnered with world-renowned brands and introduced them
to the Kingdom of Bahrain.



With partnerships extending to more than 40 years, RMK Group established a sustainable and thriving ecosystem that have adapted and maneuvered difficult challenges by following its core values.

Through INNOVATION and ADAPTATION, we target the fast-paced environment of a changing market. New circumstances and difficulties make us focus on ACCOUNTABILITY and INTERIGITY towards our PARTNERSHIPS.


Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

RMK Group was chosen by the franchise to reintroduce the brand with its new identity after 12 years under its previous Franchisee.


Kojo Japanese Restaurant

By providing centralized operations while focusing on its core F&B requirements, RMK Group has set the path for Kojo management to improve their business practice and achieve stellar results as Bahrain's most well-known Japanese restaurant.


RM Kooheji Group

Through the utilization of best business practices and a continuous efforts for improvements, RMK Group established itself as an organization that is capable of providing substantial support towards all of its new ventures.