RMK Group assigns Vanguard Group to carry out RMK’s Corporate and Family Governance

March 23, 2021

R.M. Kooheji Board of Directors have set forth the first layer of a solid foundation by assigning a leading local advisory firm Vanguard Group to establish its Corporate and Family Governance. Through this new corporate structure, RMK Group is eyeing its future of sustainable and independent growth.

Vanguard has engaged a series of missions to diagnose the business from the perspective of an optimum Family Business Governance Framework.

The company’s Literature, Corporate Profile, History, SWOT Analysis, Organizational Structure, Standard Operating Procedures, Board Members, Family Members, and Staff Members, were all thoroughly reviewed by the advisory firm including the overall Family Business Protocols and Corporate Governance Protocols. Workshops and meetings with partners, family employees, family members, and longstanding employees were also conducted to have a better understanding of the current position of the business group.

Another milestone and progress towards RMK Group’s vision to be “Independent and Agile to forgo through the evolution of time”.