RMK Group Transformation 2.0: A Step Towards Digital Transformation

April 20, 2021

RMK Group transformation dates back to 2015 when the RMK Executive management took its first step towards Digital Transformation.

By mapping out its infrastructure, RMK incorporated RMK Interchange (RMK’s Core Communication System) and RMK CBP (RMK’s Core Business Platform; Centralized Business Operations) as part of the core systems to build its digital foundation.

After 5 years of complex analysis and examination, RMK has officially advanced its office operations to become more agile and digital-centric through the utilization of globally recognized tools, MS O365 and SAP B1.

Looking to move forward with its advancement towards digital transformation, RMK has taken the next step of establishing RMK INFINITI, AI-based system that is expected to elevate both Interchange and CBP. In addition, RMK has also partnered with international SAS products to further build up its core digital systems.

With these seamless integrations, RMK expecting a more progressive approach of data-informed decision making through Intelligent Insights.